And, by the way… I participated in a MOOC

Taking a little break from the photographic timeline archives I am trying to achieve before the end of the week, I’d like to explain how this blog, as everything else in life, is the consequence of a different event. In this case, the blog is a reaction to doing an online course with O2S and this post is a reaction to reading a blog post by Leanne Cole about photography courses.

Besides having so many photos and not knowing what to do with them (I have flickr for that), and having wanted to chronicle my photographic journey for quite a while, I recently participated in a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course). My six images today are photos that have already been posted onto Google+ as contributions to the course discussions.

The ‘Art of Photography’, presented by Dr Shane Hulbert and hosted by ‘Open2Study’ is the second MOOC I have completed and so far, I am really enjoying the experience and recording my understanding and reactions on a separate site here. Although I am quite able to point the camera and click the button and decide whether to keep or delete (not strictly true as I keep far too many that should be delete), I really know very little about photography and this 4 week course was perfect in terms of time, skills and price (it’s free).


DSC_0039b DSC_0019c DSC_0027b DSC_0135b f3.5b

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