Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Nestled below the cliffs of hills that rise to the east and the west, Hastings old town harbours one of the last beach launched fishing fleets in the country. There is always the deep sense of a day well spent when we climb out of the valley at sunset and leave the tourists to the revelry of the atmospheric pubs.DSC_0129


6 on 35mm film with Fujica ST705

The better half came home with a freebie pressie for me a couple of days ago and I took it for a walk yesterday. I’d never taken photos on film before getting this camera (the parents never let us play with the camera as kids because of the exorbitant cost of processing in those days) and I wasn’t sure what the results would be but… I was so pleased with them that it made learning to use the digital in manual more than worth the time and effort.








New Lens – Lucky Girl

Having jumped from a Fuji Finepix that had a 12x optical zoom to a 18-55mm lens that was supplied with this Nikon DSLR, to say I was a little frustrated at times might be an understatement. I’ve spent a while drooling over lenses on t’internet but feeling, as yet, unworthy so have, up to now, abstained. However, today, as I walked past the camera shop, I suffered a self control crisis and, before I knew it, I was walking out with a tasty, new Sigma 70-300mm barrel attached to the end of my camera. Although even I know they leave much to be desired, and hopefully I will continue to make some progress to better photography, here are some offerings from the first batch of my new accessory. Now, to familiarise myself with tripod use.

DSC_0028b DSC_0001 DSC_0002b DSC_0004b DSC_0016b DSC_0022