On The Move – A photo story

The Daily Post Photo Challenge is ‘On The Move’ which is great as it gives me an excuse to post 6 images taken when I went off on a day trip to London recently. So. let me show you a story that you’ll all recognise…

Firstly, the excitement of getting to the station in time to get the train you want to take.


Then, killing time because you’ve arrived much too early


Observing the sometimes peculiar behaviour of your fellow travellers.


And, thinking about the lives that play out in the towns that you pass.


Making connections


And descending into the bowels of the earth to become one of the ‘rat’ race.


Getting lost in the anonymity of the city where everything is a heaving mass – except the busker.


And, back out again, into daylight and (nearly) fresh air.DSC_0157


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