Playing with Pinholes

This week, due to seeing a fabulous post by ‘naturehasnoboss‘, I have had a strong desire to play with the idea of pinhole photography. Being a Blue Peter child, where make do and mend was very much the theme of the XXs years, I thought I might do it myself for the first attempt. Although I am pleased to have had a little success, I think there might have been too much light bleeding in so, I now have some cheap body covers on order with which I plan to make something a bit more reliable. But here’s how I did it. And, here’s what I got – after bringing the colours up a little with curves in Photoshop. Any constructive comments gratefully received.


IMG_2199 DSC_0015b DSC_0050b DSC_0078b DSC_0097b



4 thoughts on “Playing with Pinholes

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  1. Perhaps going for the atmospheric is a good thing, look for times, like sunrises or sunsets, foggy mornings. I looked at that other blog and that is what they seem to do, seems focus isn’t important.

    1. Yes, I need to think about creating atmosphere in my images. I shall get up silly early one morning when the body cover cap arrives and I have constructed something a little more reliable. Thanks for conversation.

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