No light meter, no cropping, no editing… ‘No nothing!’

Having read Doublewhirler’s post about his uncle’s camera, it reminded me that I had two roles of film to develop. At the moment, I’m practising with two old cameras, circa 1970s I think.

The first camera, a Fujica ST706, came to me through a house clearance. It was daunting to use it the first couple of times but I can buy film for £1 a roll in a well known discount store and the photo booth at the local supermarket will record it on to disc for about £3 and if I put more than one film on a disc and it becomes even cheaper than that, so it’s affordable to experiment. There is no auto focus but I quite enjoy twisting the lens and although this camera doesn’t have an ‘Auto’ mode, at least it does have a basic light meter to get the exposure almost right. Because I only post 6 images, I shall next do a second post on the Zenit 11 which doesn’t have a light metre.

I need more experience to be able to explain why I love the quality of these compared to images from the digital camera. Here are six of the 27 Images returned on a 24exp film, untouched in any way, Perhaps someone else has the terminology to explain the difference of quality.

Photo26_24Photo08_6 Photo12_10 Photo13_11 Photo16_14 Photo19_17



4 thoughts on “No light meter, no cropping, no editing… ‘No nothing!’

  1. Beautiful textures on the tractor and the old boat. How cool to use this old camera and thanks for bringing back those memories of trying to squeeze 27 pics out of a 24exp film!!

    1. I am enjoying playing with these cameras. 27 exposures is great but not as good as not knowing how many or what I’m going to get until I pick up the disk and get it home. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Good shots and I love the look of film. You have inspired me to try colour film for the first time in at least 10 years. You are bolder than I am – I admit to cropping.

    1. It’s cheaper for me to play in colour and I think it distracts from some weaknesses in the photo so, I think you’re braver than me shooting in B+W. Your post has inspired me to order some b+w film.

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