Processing the beach

There is so much to learn about Photoshop. This week I discovered Photo Filter and have been playing madly with some shots I took on the beach (yes, sorry, the beach again) last week. As it becomes less of a novelty, I hope to be a little more subtle with my editing but until then… Hey!

DSC_0147b DSC_0041bsm DSC_0060sm DSC_0077sm DSC_0088bsm DSC_0102bsm DSC_0122bsm DSC_0144bsm


Summer Lovin’ Photo Challenge

‘Summer Lovin” from The Daily Post must be the best title for a photo challenge… And to celebrate, I’ve decided, once again, to go back into the photos I took during a once in a lifetime holiday in Cuba.

We were there for a month, two weeks of which were spent cycling round the island (with support) and I came back with so many photos that each time I look, I make another little discovery.

I don’t think I posted any of these before.

IMGP0233b IMGP0239c DSC_0932c IMGP0169b IMGP0202b IMGP0212b


Film Processing Disappointment – Calling all Photoshop experts.

On two accounts has working with film thwarted me this week.

Firstly, being a novice photographer, I don’t want to pay too much to get my films processed as I still take loads of c**p images. This was fine as Tesco supermarket were only charging a couple of pounds to process the film and give me the disc – cheaper still if they put several films on one disc. I say were. They’ve stopped doing it in house and now, send it away for 7 days and charge £5 a film. Damn!

So, I went to the little independent camera shop in town who still charge a fiver a film but do it in 24hrs. OK, I’ll have to shoot less film until I get a better success rate on the digital camera. Well…. No! Looking at the images that have come back, most of them have a horrible white line right through the image.

Was it me or was it them? Has something gone wrong with the camera since last I used it? Looking at the negatives, it’s not just the picture as there seems to be a green ink blot that goes from the top to the bottom edge, beyond the image and into the area where the little square cut-outs are (What are they called?). It seems it might have been them but regardless, what am I to do?

Any Photoshop experts out there who can advise me on the easiest way to remedy this?

img0005sm img0017sm img0020sm img0014sm img0004sm img0001sm

Pirate Day

It’s a funny place, Hastings. Any excuse and the town comes together in ‘dressing up’ clothes  – and drinks lots of ale. This weekend was the annual Pirate Day for which, I believe, we hold the world record for having the most pirates in one place, at one time.

And, I can’t count today – new temporary blog name ‘dixpixx’


DSC_0154sm DSC_0012sm DSC_0040sm  DSC_0085sm DSC_0094sm DSC_0106sm DSC_0114sm DSC_0122sm DSC_0140sm

Bexhill Lions Triathlon

Firstly, I have to say how much more relaxing it was to photograph rather than compete in the annual Bexhill Lions Triathlon this year. It’s a great event where everyone has a good time with friendly people and… It raises money for a worthy charity. Secondly, as some of these images are slightly more interesting in black and white, they have given me an entry for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness