Film Processing Disappointment – Calling all Photoshop experts.

On two accounts has working with film thwarted me this week.

Firstly, being a novice photographer, I don’t want to pay too much to get my films processed as I still take loads of c**p images. This was fine as Tesco supermarket were only charging a couple of pounds to process the film and give me the disc – cheaper still if they put several films on one disc. I say were. They’ve stopped doing it in house and now, send it away for 7 days and charge Β£5 a film. Damn!

So, I went to the little independent camera shop in town who still charge a fiver a film but do it in 24hrs. OK, I’ll have to shoot less film until I get a better success rate on the digital camera. Well…. No! Looking at the images that have come back, most of them have a horrible white line right through the image.

Was it me or was it them? Has something gone wrong with the camera since last I used it? Looking at the negatives, it’s not just the pictureΒ as there seems to be a green ink blot that goes from the top to the bottom edge, beyond the image and into the area where the little square cut-outs are (What are they called?). It seems it might have been them but regardless, what am I to do?

Any Photoshop experts out there who can advise me on the easiest way to remedy this?

img0005sm img0017sm img0020sm img0014sm img0004sm img0001sm

16 thoughts on “Film Processing Disappointment – Calling all Photoshop experts.

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  1. My first thought was light leakage into the film slot on the cartridge. However, that would not cause the mark to be at the same position for each frame. Also the strongest mark would be on the first exposure, getting progressively less noticeable, and less sharp. That does not seem to be the case. You say it looks like an ink blot. Is the blot on the emulsion side or the back side? Those holes are called perforations, the teeth on the advance roller in the camera engage those to move the film the precise distance forward for each exposure. If indeed it is an ink mark and it is on the back, it might be possible to be removed.
    If this happened at the processor’s then it should also have happened for other customers. Talk to your shopkeeper. If he is honest he will fess up before you even get a chance to complain.
    You have some nice photos there. For some a crop would rescue part of the image. I have not seen any tools in Photoshop (or other editors) that could really heal these photos.

    1. Hi Ludwig
      Having looked closely again at the negatives, I can’t make out if it is on the back or the front. Also, I am now wondering if it is a dodgy batch of films as I purchased them all at the same time. I shall go and talk to the man in the photography shop. Ho-hum! Thank you so much for your comments.

  2. There is one other possibility that I had not thought of before. Does your camera have a little window in back showing part of the cartridge inside so you can tell what kind of film you are using? If the plush light seal around that window has been damaged, the resulting light leak would cause marks that are very similar to what you have experienced. If that is the case and you cannot repair the seal, just cover up the window with good black opaque tape.

    1. The only window is the viewfinder. I am going to take a black and white film from a different supplier and get a friend to process it. That should eliminate any doubts about the camera not working properly. Thanks for your thoughtful ideas.

  3. It seems that the light leak is exactly the same on each frame, such uniformity seems very mechanical, it could be your camera or the lab but I cant say. Fixing the images in photoshop would need a little work, but the only images i can see being saved from what you have posted at the first, third and fifth because they have low frequency elements. If you want to send them to me I’ll see what I can do to fix them.

    1. Hi benrowef64. It’s a very generous offer that you’re making and I’m not sure I could ask you to do all 3 but… I would quite like to salvage the 3rd one if it wasn’t too complicated… Even if you told me how to do it? Thank you so much.

      1. With the third one the sky is the easiest to fix because it is a mixture of using the patch and the clone tool. I hope you don’t mind but i right clicked and saved the image to get a closer look at the statue. Here the right side can easily be fixed with some burning and then a photo filter to match the warmth of the rest of the image. The problem area is the arm and the tablet the angel is holding.

      2. Oh, that’s a shame. I can see how fiddly it would be. Thanks again for taking the time to think about it and, of course I don’t mind you downloading the image… although it is only small.

  4. i agreee with ludwigs first analysis,,, have had this happen before and appears to lewk like it also, hopefully u don’t see it on any more rolls an if not is what it was, light somehow got through the slot on the canister before it was developed ,,, hope that was it πŸ™‚ ,take care Q

      1. okay dokie ,, but like i said i believe it was prolly jest that one roll of fil, especially iof the later pics on the roll had the brighter line,,,yes could be the seal on the and of the door , that ket light acroos the strip also, i had an old minolta i uesed to have to tape shut πŸ™‚ but it werked πŸ™‚ right on wish ya best of luck now πŸ™‚ Q

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