Weekly Photo Challenge – Dialogue

It’s another tricky theme that has been posted for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge made even trickier by Frederic Biver’s figurative interpretation of the word ‘dialogue’ – I’m not sure I have the lateral thinking powers to do this justice but here goes:



Hengistbury Head

Having shot a lot of film this week and not had chance to get into the darkroom to see what I’ve got (the suspense is wonderful), I’m posting some shots we took a couple of months ago when we went down to Bournemouth for Harry’s graduation and spent a day cycling Hengistbury Head and Christchurch


From the darkroom

PICT0101bsmIn my quest to learn all about this photology magic, I have taken a workshop to learn how to use the darkroom. I recently found out that a small charity who have set up a community darkroom in town were holding an introductory workshop for amateurs. I went and since then, I’ve been back a couple of times, on my own to practise what I learned. The results leave a lot to be desired but I want to record here, my first attempts at processing my own film.

To convert the negatives to digital, for the sake of keeping record of what I have (the eyesight is not what it was and those negatives are pretty small) and to blog about it occasionally, and hopefully see some progress, I have treated myself to a little, stand alone negative scanner (Veho VFS-008 Smartfix) which, although the file sizes aren’t very big, is perfect for what I want to do with it.

Here are some of the negatives I then had a go at making prints from. I have to say making prints on 8×10 paper is VERY satisfying. Now, I want to buy a better printer to print off some of my digital images… And so the cost goes on.

Calibre Jazz at the Rye Jazz Festival

Street music is something we just don’t do enough of… must be the weather we have here. But, when we do do it…. it’s worth the wait. And when it is done by such experienced, skilled musicians, it is truly a treat.

On the technical side, when shooting on the street, how do you make your subject stand out. It was really difficult getting a collective shot of these gentlemen – and I’ve tried to compensate by using some not very good editing. Any suggestions?

Cocktail Safari at Rye Jazz Festival

Processed in B+W for Leanne’s Monochrome Madness Challenge

Always laughing.
Always laughing.

Being only the third year of the Rye Jazz Festival, it’s not so surprising that the streets weren’t buzzing with activity and there wasn’t a saxophonist on every street corner. However, we struck gold when we turned up at the historic Buttermarket for a gig by a Hastings band: Safari Cocktail. Although we were two of only a few when they started, by the time they’d finished the first set, the street was crowded. Great musicians, great fun.

Because it was such a small venue, I was able to get a lot of shots which then makes it difficult to decide which ones to show and virtually impossible to restrain myself to showing only 6 – so, here are 10. I really enjoyed trying to shoot this event and I shall be looking out for more opportunities to practise this type of photography again.

Weekly Challenge – Fray

It’s a bizarre word that has been presented as this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge. Fray. Fray! Fray? Although I know this word well, it’s not a word I use often and I’m not sure I’m fully aware of all the connotations it suggests. Interesting… let’s look through the archives and see what 6 pics I can come up with.

The display of the next few posts may look a little weird as I try to work out how the gallery options work. Please bare with me.

ALWAYS take a camera!

By the time I came off the promenade yesterday evening, after a little jog-ette along the front, some dramatic weather had started rolling in. Luckily, as I happened to have taken my camera out earlier, it was still in the car. I rushed over to one of the hills that stand sentry either side of the old town where I figured I’d get some better views. I’ve tried to do mother nature justice but have probably, in all the excitement, been over-enthusiastic with the processing. Well…. If I’m going to use colour, then I may as well USE it.

And, by the way, am I the only one finding the new WordPress interface annoying? I did persevere with it for a bit but now, I’ve resorted to clicking the option to go back to the classic page.



DSC_0209b DSC_0192b DSC_0163b DSC_0151b



Cinque Ports town of Rye

As early as 1155 there has been a connection between Hastings, Rye and 3 other port towns along the coast of Sussex and Kent. The Cinque Ports confederation was originally established for trade and military purposes. In return for the obligations to serve the king, the towns were given certain privileges… which facilitated the multitude of smuggling activities that went on along this part of the coast. Looking at the coastline and estuaries, it is easy to see how difficult it would have been to police this area.


DSC_0015bsm DSC_0034bsm DSC_0037bsm DSC_0075bsm

Monochrome from 35mm colour film

For Leanne and Laura’s Monochrome Madness challenge, these monochrome images have been Photoshop’d from 35mm colour film I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks. I had them processed and saved to disc at the shop in town.

Unfortunately, despite getting this poor old camera serviced, I can still see evidence of light-leakage in some of the shots which I’ve tried to compensate for with a bit of either dodge or burning – not sure which is which yet 🙂

...up to the top of the hill.
…up to the top of the hill.
Enter if you dare...
Enter if you dare…
If... You are into Champagne
If… You are into Champagne
Under the sidewalk...
Under the sidewalk…
Those boots were made for walking.
Those boots were made for walking.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

Some ‘almost’ silhouettes for this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge

It was the annual big air-show Airbourne, in Eastbourne this weekend and special because one of the two Lancaster bombers that flew together had come all the way over from Canada. Unfortunately, it was so packed in the town that we were a couple of miles down the coast and therefore, quite a long way from the main action – those out on the sea in their yachts had the best view.

Also, being a very bright day, it was difficult to get good shots of the various planes as they flew overhead. Here are six of the best, in monochrome, that I managed to capture:


DSC_0001bwsm DSC_0003bwsm DSC_0022bwsm DSC_0094bwsm DSC_0155bwsm