Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

Some ‘almost’ silhouettes for this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge

It was the annual big air-show Airbourne, in Eastbourne this weekend and special because one of the two Lancaster bombers that flew together had come all the way over from Canada. Unfortunately, it was so packed in the town that we were a couple of miles down the coast and therefore, quite a long way from the main action – those out on the sea in their yachts had the best view.

Also, being a very bright day, it was difficult to get good shots of the various planes as they flew overhead. Here are six of the best, in monochrome, that I managed to capture:


DSC_0001bwsm DSC_0003bwsm DSC_0022bwsm DSC_0094bwsm DSC_0155bwsm



8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

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      1. Just to rub it in, I’ve looked at their itinerary and it seems they are just down the coast from us again, for the Shoreham Airshow, at the end of the month.

    1. Thank you mofman for taking the time to visit my my blog and look at the pictures.
      To see the two bombers flying together was spectacular – beauty in motion.
      I think it is here for another month before attempting the long haul back home to you.
      Feel free to grab the photos… or, I could send you the full size file if you want a copy.

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