ALWAYS take a camera!

By the time I came off the promenade yesterday evening, after a little jog-ette along the front, some dramatic weather had started rolling in. Luckily, as I happened to have taken my camera out earlier, it was still in the car. I rushed over to one of the hills that stand sentry either side of the old town where I figured I’d get some better views. I’ve tried to do mother nature justice but have probably, in all the excitement, been over-enthusiastic with the processing. Well…. If I’m going to use colour, then I may as well USE it.

And, by the way, am I the only one finding the new WordPress interface annoying? I did persevere with it for a bit but now, I’ve resorted to clicking the option to go back to the classic page.



DSC_0209b DSC_0192b DSC_0163b DSC_0151b



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  1. Wow! Stunning series! And yes, the new WP interface is annoying —at least for us photo bloggers. Maybe it is aimed at writers who blog from their phones and don’t need to work with images or posts that are multimedia? We were wondering about that too. Thanks for bringing it up!

    1. Thanks for wonderful comment: it’s really appreciated. Hadn’t thought about mobile bloggers… Too busy cursing every time I tried to set a featured photo.

  2. amazing! Especially the one with the house. There is something mysterious, peaceful and beautifully fascinating about that landscape. For curiosity’s sake what do you mean by “processing” is it adjustments on the camera or a computer programme?

    1. Thanks for lovely feedback, Dream. When I say processing, I mean my burgeoning love/hate relationship with Photoshop. Some people use Pixlr or Gimp to edit their images and others think a photo should be shown the way it came out of the camera. I wish I were clever enough to take these straight out of the camera. Hope that helps a bit.

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