Calibre Jazz at the Rye Jazz Festival

Street music is something we just don’t do enough of… must be the weather we have here. But, when we do do it…. it’s worth the wait. And when it is done by such experienced, skilled musicians, it is truly a treat.

On the technical side, when shooting on the street, how do you make your subject stand out. It was really difficult getting a collective shot of these gentlemen – and I’ve tried to compensate by using some not very good editing. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Calibre Jazz at the Rye Jazz Festival

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  1. I love these shots. Think the answer is to do what you’ve done and go for detail – the musicians’ hands are very interesting.
    If I’m trying to isolate a group of people from the background, I shoot with aperture at f8 to get the background blurred but give the people some context and ensure some depth through the image.

    1. Thanks for liking these images SOLL. I enjoy your street shots so much that it is a good compliment. Looking back, I see I shot these of f4 which I can now see is too narrow for the group shot. – f8 it will be next time – there’s so much to think of.

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