The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Night-time

Night time shots – tricky


Cliff Top Walk

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… I often feel a little envious of people who live in cities when I see wonderful candid portraits and magnificent architectural shots but… In honesty, I feel so privileged to live where I do. The variety of environments is huge and one of my many favourites is walking the cliff top paths.

A National Treasure – Scotney Castle

The National Trust dictates, to a large extent, what will become a national treasure and therefore, nurtured and cared for. That’s good because at least someone is preserving some heritage, like Scotney Castle, and I like that but… I am still sulking from visiting the Isle of Wight and discovering they have made The Needles a paid entry venue… It is an outcrop… A range of rocks sticking out of the water… How can they lay claim to that? Furthermore, I have been told, though not yet been there myself, that they have entrance rights to Lands End in Cornwall. What is at Land’s End that needs huge financial investment for upkeep? I’m not so sure I feel open spaces shouldn’t be free access to all.