Converge 2

It is such a good theme for The Daily Post Photo Challenge, I thought I’d post a second set.


MMC – 35mm film and printing

Although I haven’t been out and about much with my little Nikon DSLR this week, and therefore am limited in choice for Leanne’s MMC,  I did spend a day in the darkroom processing a couple of films I’ve taken lately. One of the films was an Ilford B+W and the other was a cheap colour film from the pound shop: both were chucked in the same tank for a B+W process.

These are scans of some of the negatives from the B+W film

And these are scans of some of the negatives from the colour film

However, when it came to making prints, where the B+W negatives needed approx. 4-6 seconds exposure, the colour negatives needed 40-50 seconds exposure (when I remembered to take the filter out of the enlarger) and I couldn’t make a contact sheet. I think this is because the colour film is far more dense. I so LOVE looking at 8×10 analogue prints.

DSC_0001 (2)

Achievement – The Seige of Dubrovnik

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme is ‘achievement’. The greatest achievement I’ve learned about this year is the defence of the UNESCO city of Dubrovnik during the 1991 Croatian war of independence where, as I’ve understood it, a mostly civilian force defended a city, surrounded on land and sea, for 9 months.

Having spoken to some of the men engaged in that struggle, the irony is, as tourism pushes up prices, they can barely afford to carry on living in the homes they were bravely defending less than 25 years ago.

Monochrome Madness Challenge

The skies are dark, the wind howls, the sea… is an angry dog (James Reeves) and this season’s young gulls have taken to the ground, looking totally confused. Dark images are not usually my thing but, I guess my mood must be like the weather. I can only hope it doesn’t depress everyone too much for this weeks MMC