Achievement – The Seige of Dubrovnik

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme is ‘achievement’. The greatest achievement I’ve learned about this year is the defence of the UNESCO city of Dubrovnik during the 1991 Croatian war of independence where, as I’ve understood it, a mostly civilian force defended a city, surrounded on land and sea, for 9 months.

Having spoken to some of the men engaged in that struggle, the irony is, as tourism pushes up prices, they can barely afford to carry on living in the homes they were bravely defending less than 25 years ago.


7 thoughts on “Achievement – The Seige of Dubrovnik

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  1. powerful photos Six! and a poignant post. Anyone I’ve known whose visited the Dalmatian coast says how beautiful it is. It seems so unfair that people don’t have a decent standard of living after fighting to defend their homes. So in this case tourism harms them!

    1. Thanks Cybele. Truly beautiful and being bought up for holiday homes. Then unfortunately, as we’ve seen, that usually leads to the end of a stable community in regions where that happens.

  2. Conflicts usually have most disappointing paradoxes.

    In other regards to the war, I understand why the Vukovar water tower has become a symbol for the country. I don’t understand why it was so frequently targeted by artillery forces. It seems that there was no strategic or tactical advantage to be gained.

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