Assuming Leanne Cole is posting a Monochrome Madness Challenge this week, one of these images will be my entry.


Daily Post Photo Challenge – Warmth

Things are not always what they seem and, despite the glorious sunshine, there was nothing warm about our walk over the Cuckmere Valley this afternoon.

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Crazy Christmas

The family have flown in different directions, the leftovers have been disposed of and life is slowly returning to normal. Finally, I have time to post these photos I took Christmas Eve when we took the family to Westfield, a nearby village whose inhabitants are making a name for themselves with their crazy Christmas lights.

That’s rubbish!

These woods were once such a joy – before part of them were flattened for the construction of a well known supermarket and a ‘famous’ fast food chain. I’ve no objection to creating facilities for the area but I wonder if they shouldn’t have some responsibility for cleaning up the rubbish they generate.

Resetting settings – Or Not

I’m hoping, if I make this public, write it down, record the event, then I may not repeat it. Saturday evening I was using my camera indoors and moved the ISO right up (probably too far but, hay) and then, on Sunday morning, under beautiful blue skies with rolling clouds… I didn’t reset it. And, it was such a beautiful day.

Gone, but (mostly) not forgotten v2

At the moment, I’m going through my parents’ old photos – who are all these black and white people? I think I shall have to make a pile to take up to my auntie – perhaps she’ll recognise some of them. And as for mum and dad, well here’s a pick of six (seven) pixx:

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Breaking eggs for MMC

‘You have to break some eggs to make an omelette’ is a saying I love because it infers you have to make a mess before you create anything. Unfortunately, often I struggle to get beyond the broken eggs and today, I’m going to share with you my metaphorical broken eggs.

Taking photos of people indoors, under artificial light is not as easy as it used to be on auto setting – the flash didn’t go off. No, seriously, I wasn’t expecting it to, and I knew I had to change my ISO to… something. And I know, if this hadn’t been a spontaneous quick shoot at the home of a friend’s parents, I might have (if I’d researched how to) organised some lighting.

Regardless, I am quite happy with these broken eggs as a base for building on – a first attempt at photographing people who are not as familiar as my own family.

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