Grayson Perry wouldn’t be impressed

I took myself off to the National Portrait Gallery this week – for two reasons. Both reasons would have been equally persuasive in convincing me to give up 4 hours of my day, sitting on a smelly old train but I have to list one first. That doesn’t mean the first one listed was the primary reason for the trip. I went up there because they were exhibiting the finalists of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize and photographing people is something I’d like to try and do more of…. So, I went and had a look at how it’s done. Also, but certainly not lesser, I wanted to see the Grayson Perry exhibition.

This artist has been looking at identity in contemporary Britain. There have been some excellent documentaries on TV, tracking his research and creative methods which have culminated in a series of works in various mediums including ceramics and textiles.

I’m not about to write a full review of the exhibition here: suffice to say I found it very emotive. Unfortunately, I wasn’t brave enough to take the DSLR out of my bag so these images, taken in quite poor light, are iPhone images and taken from some distance because I also wanted to catch the spectators in the shots. Looking at the quality of Perry’s work, I don’t think he’d be very impressed with them but, I hope they tell something of a story.

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  1. No reason to feel embarrassed. These images are well shot and show the exhibition with Perry’s work as well as conveying the atmosphere. I like the casual and natural look – all thanks to an unobtrusive cell phone, I believe. The big DSLR would have disturbed the relaxed atmosphere. No?

  2. These are great. I think that you have captured beautifully the emotion people experience in reaction to Mr Perry’s art, it is better than just pictures of his work, it shows far more imagination. I caught some of the documentaries and he spent a lot of time observing the people who were to be the subjects of his work so perhaps Grayson Perry would be impressed. 🙂

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