Tudor Castle on Winchelsea salt marsh

As we didn’t have snow as promised today, we took a walk, in the freezing north wind, over the marsh to Camber castle. Why wouldn’t we? Bbrrrrrrrrrrh!


Weekly Photo Challenge – New

As we got out of the car at the station, to take the train for the Natural History Museum, I dropped my camera. I shan’t repeat the expletives here but suffice to say, I was very cross. On inspection, it landed on the lens and at first I thought that just the UV filter had smashed… but no. By the time I’d prised off the bent filter ring, I realised that the lens wasn’t zooming or focussing. How does this link to new? Well, I now need a new lens. The 18-55mm kit lens was great but really I want a 18-105mm so I’m not changing them as often. And, if I’m going to splash out on that…… Well, isn’t it also time I replaced my Nikon D5000 body?

Looking at these images that I then took on the broken lens, it looks as if I also need new eyes because my manual focusing seems to be rather off.

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