Making ‘boy’ pictures

Not really a pretty subject but, when it’s STILL grey and wet outside, you use what you’ve got – which in this case is 6in Airfix models. It was good practise as it made me use a tripod – which I always struggle to get on with, the macro setting on the 70-200mm Sigma lens and some Photoshop techniques which I’m not too familiar with.

All constructive criticism gratefully received.

And, in time for Leanne’s Monochrome Madness, here it is in Black and White

final blur bwsm


14 thoughts on “Making ‘boy’ pictures

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  1. For some unknown reason I’m missing a lot of your posts. 😦 I really love your imagery and I’m bummed! Not sure why. Are you tagging your posts? Maybe you’re not showing up in the reader?

    1. Laura, thank you on two accounts. Firstly for the lovely comment and secondly, for reminding me that I should be tagging my posts – something that I haven’t thought to do for…. Oh, a long time.

      1. You’re welcome! And just fyi, if you use too many categories/tags, it won’t appear in the reader either. The rule is tags+categories <= 15. Hope that helps!

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