Speed and Motion

With a view to moving forward, I’ve bitten the bullet and joined a camera club. Last night, there was, after all the images of motor racing, a very interesting talk on taking photos of moving things. The best thing about it is, today for the first time, I was playing not just with shutter speed and aperture but…. ISO also. A first for me 🙂 I didn’t have racing cars so I thought I’d pick on the ever-present seagulls. I think I should have pushed the shutter speed up even higher though, as my subjects are still not as clear as I think I could have got them.


3 thoughts on “Speed and Motion

  1. Beautiful shots. I just adore the company of the gulls and the enjoyment of shooting them. Wonderful exploration with shutter-speed, ISO and aperture. Enjoy the camera club! I’ve thought on and off about joining one. Best wishes,

    smiling toad

    1. Thank you, Smiling Toad for your gratefully received comments. As for the camera club, it may turn out a little too traditional in the long run but for now, whilst I just want to learn how to do stuff, it’ll be great. Happy swamping. 🙂

      1. Groove! That is why I would like to go to join one, as well. I have gone to a few photography nature-shoot meet-ups. Those have been wonderful. Hope it goes well, you learn a plethora of new techniques and insights into the world of photography, and you have a lot of fun all along the way. Best wishes,

        Autumn Jade

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