More People Pix, Please

Doing my morning trawl through the social media sites, exploring what’s important to the people (and not the mainstream media), two things have caught my eye today: the first is an interview blog post by The Weekly Minute who features the photographer Jessica Laforet and her 100 portraits challenge; the second is the YouTube clip ‘How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?‘  that I came across on Facebook. Both of these, in different ways, forced me to think about how, being a shy and retiring type in the real world, I avoid photographing people. Well, as the weather warms up and more people are aboard (in the Shakespearean sense), I think it will soon be time to address this. I just need to think about it for a while. These are some candid shots I took last year (mostly on the iPhone held at the hip) and now, I want to do some more, less covert ones.


21 thoughts on “More People Pix, Please

      1. I am going horse riding next week and I have been expressly asked not to take photos of any of the other women unless they sign a release form. That is fine with me. I just feel uncomfortable with people.

      2. If you’re riding with an organisation, I suppose that’s fair. That’s why I arranged to shot the rehearsal, to get used to pointing the camera at people.

      3. Yes that is true. This is for Women’s Refuge and like myself we don’t want to be used for advertising, which is why I am taking the photos in the first place. They have emailed telling everyone there will be a photographer and explaining that I won’t take photos of them, unless they give signed written consent.

      4. Oh,,,, Well,,,, Take some model release forms with you for anyone that doesn’t mind and get them to sign. I think there are templates online.

  1. People relate to people, these are great shots. I am starting to realise, very belatedly, that people actually make a lot of shots more interesting by giving it scale. But purely people shots show something of the character of a person if caught in the moment like these ones you have captured. Out in the bush of Australia I don’t see many people daily, if any, but now trying to address that when I go travelling. As you say – a bit of a challenge 🙂

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