Sissinghurst National Trust

One of the many stately homes that, due to running expenses and family fortunes, have been bequeathed to the National Trust to be cared for and preserved.


8 thoughts on “Sissinghurst National Trust

  1. Beautiful photos. Thank goodness for the National Trust. When I was in England nearly 30 years ago a lot of houses were destroyed or so renovated that their charm and character was destroyed. Plus they were mostly private homes so we couldn’t enjoy them either. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. I thank you for visiting and taking an interest in the photos. The National Trust, although I don’t totally agree with all their policies, truly does a good job at preserving and making accessible these remnants of history. And some of the scandalous stories of the gentry that once lived there.

  2. Beautiful captures! I’ve never been to Sissinghurst (Kent’s not a county I’ve ever really visited properly). It looks like an impressive place – I’ll have to add it to my ‘places to see’ list.. 🙂

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