Gnomes for MMC

Being a little debilitated, I’m not getting out for long at the moment but I’m making the most of my time experimenting with lights – I wish I could say I’m winning but…. Well, let’s just say it’s going to take a bit more experimentation and practice. Don’t forget to check out all the good monochromes on Leanne’s site this week.


Sick, off work and desperate

Maybe you noticed my absence (and maybe you didn’t – tongue in cheek), but I’ve been stuck on the sofa for nearly 3 weeks now and, although not being able to get out of the house, I haven’t been wasting my time – I think. One bored, inactive morning, I thought I might investigate the world of stock images; not that I plan to make a fortune but it might be another way of driving the progress I want to make with my photography – and judging by the number of images I’ve had rejected for technical reasons such as exposure and focus, I think it will force me to be more careful before pressing the shutter release. I’m working out that it requires a different mind set – technical accuracy above creativity and, at the moment, for me, that is good.

Here are a selection of images that I won’t be submitting as stock because I can see there are problems with white balance, focus or exposure but I will be posting them here because, for some, I like the effect and I shall be submitting one to Leanne’s MMC. And, for the sports ones, it is a good gauge of where I am at the moment with studio style photography.

Now, and especially because I have just replaced my poor old laptop with a sparkly new one which makes my images look completely different, and therefore affects the way I process them, I need to learn lighting.