A walk around the historic Cinque Port town of Rye


Yay, blue skies! Oh… And Samphire Hoe

Samphire Hoe: 5 million cubed metres of chalk excavated during the digging of the Channel Tunnel or La Tunnel sous La Manche as our neighbours like to call it. Now, a wildlife park under the famous White Cliffs (thank you Vera Lynn) which frame the port of Dover. And, please note, one of those blessed days when there are blue skies over the south coast of England.

Charleston House

A meeting place for writers, artists and intellectuals from 1916 when Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant moved their household to this remote Sussex farmhouse and thereafter entertained what would be known as The Bloomsbury Set. A shame interior photos are forbidden as the decorations are wonderful.

Rye Harbour

One of the Cinque Ports (five ports – evidence that we once spoke French in England) that were established in 1155 for commercial and military purposes, Rye’s harbour sits on the River Rother and nowadays, the shore line having moved some distance from the town, a bird sanctuary is being established on the marshland around the estuary.