Victoria Street after the hussle and bussle.


Learning Speed Lights with Nikon

Well, I spent two days at the Nikon centre in London trying to get my head around how to use speed lights. I was taught loads of stuff, learned some of it and had a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable time. Straight out of the camera – no tweaking at all – here are some of the shots I was shown how to take… Will I be able to replicate them now I am home? Hum


Birling Gap.

What are the origins of the word Birling? Which came first: the script for ‘An Inspector Calls’ or the South Downs and the Seven Sisters… Well, obviously!

So, what does Birling mean? Wiktionary suggests ‘a barge’ or ‘a ship’s galley’.

Nope! I can’t make the link between the origins of the word Birling and the beautiful white cliffs of the Seven Sisters… Nor can I make the link between the origins of the word and the pompous character of Arthur Birling from the play.

Well, that was a wasted exercise. But I hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

Razor Clam Catcher

Catcher or gatherer? Either way, attempting to put a razor clam supper on the table is something that has been preoccupying the significant other for several summers now – it’s a win-win situation as it stops him from getting bored while I spend time on the beach with the camera when the tides are really long. I hope it takes him a while longer yet before he succeeds in providing anymore than the current meagre harvest.