I got my lazy butt out of bed – and it was worth it.

Yay, the sun shone – luckily – as I set the alarm for 4.30 this morning. And, what a FANTASTIC morning it was. I hope I can share the euphoria I was feeling with you, through these photos 🙂


Bulverhythe Beach at low tide

After my long, enforced stay of abstinence, and all the while this feeble Openzone internet connection continues to comply from this tiny corner of the kitchen, I have lots of catching up to do; photos to post and favourite blogs to read. All that whilst fighting my way through the hundreds of unsolicited emails that are backing up on my account – who are these people, these companies that send random emails? Surely they realise they are soon to become the victims of mass deletion? Next thing to learn… How to block unwanted messages.

Whilst I go off to do that, here some photos I took at the beach a couple of weeks ago. As you can see from the grey skies, summer never did really happen here this year – monochrome just about sums up the weather we’ve been having.

Marsham Sewer, Pett Level

It’s beeeen aaaages since I last posted. Long story: we moved house; gave British Telecom plenty of warning; engineer didn’t show; made lots of phone calls to a call centre half way around the world – I didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand me; engineer eventually turned up; wasn’t trained to put his head down the service hole on the street; still no phone line or internet. Anyway… almost a month later and I’ve forced myself to learn how to connect the laptop to the feeble ‘Openzone’ signal that I seem to be able to pick up from one particular counter top in the kitchen.

Pleased to say the camera has been working fine throughout all this kerfuffle and I took it along when we walked the dog up Marsham Sewer at Pett level yesterday evening – had to look up the name of the river on Google Maps – Sewer? It certainly wasn’t that!