Marsham Sewer, Pett Level

It’s beeeen aaaages since I last posted. Long story: we moved house; gave British Telecom plenty of warning; engineer didn’t show; made lots of phone calls to a call centre half way around the world – I didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand me; engineer eventually turned up; wasn’t trained to put his head down the service hole on the street; still no phone line or internet. Anyway… almost a month later and I’ve forced myself to learn how to connect the laptop to the feeble ‘Openzone’ signal that I seem to be able to pick up from one particular counter top in the kitchen.

Pleased to say the camera has been working fine throughout all this kerfuffle and I took it along when we walked the dog up Marsham Sewer at Pett level yesterday evening – had to look up the name of the river on Google Maps – Sewer? It certainly wasn’t that!


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