Camera Club Competitions

Yes… Despite the geekiness, I have persisted with the local camera club and I quietly add, I’m enjoying it. Tuesday will be the first of the season’s print competitions and, for critique from whichever judge turns up on the night, here are my entries

And, for the digital print competition in a fortnight’s time, where a different judge, with different criteria will turn up, I have submitted

The judging is all very subjective and particular but, for those willing to listen and sometimes learn, quite informative and good practice at listening to someone comment on your pride and joy.


15 thoughts on “Camera Club Competitions

  1. I love these. My favorites are, in this order, “I chose Orange,” “Void”, “Intersections,” “Childhood,” and “Courtney.” Good luck. I need to find out about a camera club near me. I like that idea.

  2. It must be so interesting and gainful to hear what someone else (hopefully knowledgeable and tactful) has to say about what you have chosen to present to them. These show a wide range of your skills.

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