Week 4 of 366 challenge

Defending the much maligned Croc – am I the ONLY person in the world that likes them?
Symmetry out on the marsh.
Broke my arm in this graveyard as a child. Not at night though.
From the bedroom window.
Left over chinese crackers.
He’s not gnomeless; he lives in my toilet.
Buildings like this make me wish I’d been an architect.

Week 3 of my 366 challenge

I’m using Facebook to post my daily photo. Why? Because it’s quick and easy and because  I’m lazy. But it’s more than that; this blog is called Sixpixx because, following my sons’ demands to only show them the best photos and not the hundreds I might have on the camera, I originally had the intention of always uploading a post of 6 photos. Well, although that didn’t last long, and rules are made to be broken, I do try to stay ‘around’ the 6 photo post and 1 photo is nowhere near 6 photos – I don’t think.

First attempt at light trails – and a strange fascination with this new stretch of road.
YAY, Sunshine!
Cold cuddle
Yoga – my lower back’s new best friend.
Stopping off on the way to work.
Predawn on the beach.

Week 2 of my 366 challenge.

New link road gets me to work in less than half the time – lets hope they don’t build TOO many houses off it.
High waters at Rye nature reserve and bird sanctuary
No. There wasn’t a foot path on the other side – just more water.
A very sad day for people everywhere – the media announce the death of David Bowie.
Another sad day – the funeral of a very lovely lady who loved daffodils and wearing outrageous hats.
Lazy dinner.
And as they say – it comes in threes. From one of my all time favourite films ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’, Alan Rickman passes away.

366 challenge Week 1

On the 1st Jan, I started a 366 (didn’t realise it was a leap year at the time) challenge on FB. Couldn’t have timed it more poorly – as I keep ranting over and again, the weather has been atrocious and the motivation to get out and about is pretty slim at the moment. Any way, this paltry collection is what I managed in week 1

Christmas books from the children – maybe they think I should get back on my bike.
How many hours spent untangling fairy lights?
Monkeying about in the rain.
Stuff just keeps falling from above.
What I had to hand.
The sun shone briefly and everyone made the most of it.
The old lady of the house.

Wrap up warm

My, there are long gaps between posts at the moment. That’s because we are having the longest run of miserable, grey, nothing weather which is not very motivating for getting out of the house and makes taking photos really difficult – lots of dull colours and blown out skies. Not that I have hung up the camera. On the contrary, I have been doing a 366 challenge since 1st January – although most of the photos are pretty desperate and dire, maybe I should post them here as well as on FB. But for now, I want to show you just how awful the weather has been – day after day after day after…… Anyway, you get the picture.


Hidden in the woods

Not far from where we live, it wasn’t until we took a new route with the dog that we came across this huge power generating plant. Apologies for the poor weather conditions… I know you people who are living in brighter lands will struggle to imagine the grey, nothing weather we have had for weeks and weeks now.