St Leonards on Sea

I’ve been wandering around my ‘hood and looking at the decay of the architectural heritage bequeathed us by Decimus Burton and the Victorians. Oh, they did like to be beside the seaside… beside the sea. Ironic that the very cause to instigate such grandeur should also be the cause of its demise – maintaining these weather beaten buildings is a relentless battle that is seemingly being lost at the moment.

Seaside villas
Architectural detail
Stylish design
Cottages for the workers
The back of Marine Court C1938

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  1. A battle against salt laden spray is a battle that is never going to be won. It’s the same in town after town along the south coast and it is no respecter of fine buildings. I visited the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill recently. I first saw it only a year or so after it’s restoration. On that visit it was pristine. Sadly not the case now – it too is suffering rust staining, peeling paint and cracked plaster. Such a shame.

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