Under the cliffs for sunrise

After last nights glorious sunset, I just had to get up early to see if the weather had held – and it did – at least until lunch time 🙂

Under Ecclesbourne Glen
Under Ecclesbourne Glen
Looking east
Reflections lookiing west
The waterfall (nearly) under the Glen
Harbour arm at low tide
Fish sheds of the Boys Ashore

16 thoughts on “Under the cliffs for sunrise

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  1. Lovely morning Maxine. I’m intrigued by Splash, what did you do to make the splash stand out against the sun?

      1. Lee, I’ve just looked at how awful the rocks in the foreground are and remembered that I underexposed it A LOT with the intention of combining two images but then forgot to take a photo exposed for the rocks…. What a novice I am 🙂

      2. The underexposure would explain the dark edges to the splash that had me intrigued, thanks for that Maxine as I rather like it. It is so hard to get the white edges to show up against the sun but you have done it very artisticly.

      1. Thank you, Diana. It is a lovely spot – unfortunately getting a little too much coverage in the national press at the moment though – we may all be priced out soon 🙂

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