Cass Sculpture Foundation

In between destinations, we thought we’d spend an hour at the Cass Sculpture Foundation in West Sussex. An hour is NOT long enough; the artwork, the wooded environment, the artwork in the wooded environment, the playful bits, the unwieldy bits, the unsettling bits – no doubt we’d all have our own interpretations. Anyway, 3 hours later and I still came away feeling there was so much more I (and my camera) could have done.

Photography from art? It’s the way I saw it. The bits that caught my attention – and there were many that did. Here are a dozen taken from my favourites:

From a distance a rusty looking medieval torture device but up close, the mirrored interior presented a playful interaction with the environment.
What appeared to be 3 large teaspoons throwing back distortions of the location and the grim weather.
Sci-fi meets Native red Indians – Surreal juxtaposition of these beautiful cones in the forest.
Nature’s contribution to this piece.
A tiny shift to the left and this would have been a totally different photo.
Nature through glass sheets.
Nature through glass sheets.
The glass waterfall.
The noisy yet thoughtless joy of a toddler on a tricycle.
Breaking up the landscape.
All individual yet all the same.
So lifelike from this distance, I didn’t like to stare.




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  1. What a wonderful park I can understand you not having enough of I in 3 hours. Such fun pieces and yet there would have been a lot of thought go into each one. Thanks for sharing.

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