Is Dungeness one of the most photographed places in the UK?

Dungeness is not far from us but I don’t go there often: firstly, because it has been so photographed that it is difficult to find a new perspective; secondly, because it is so photogenic, there often lots of photographers milling about getting in each others’ way and finally, it is very exposed and the cold northerly winds rattle my brains about in my head.

However, after a shaky start, yesterday afternoon turned into a glorious spring day and it was a pleasure to comb the beach, looking for something a little different.

Landscape shaped by the winds and tides.
Abandoned livelihoods
Left for dead.
How appropriate.
Nature will determine its fate.
So nearly a little beauty.
Every year, a little less.
The earth continues to rotate
A little golden touch.
Veiled, like the stories they could tell.
Is that a paper press I see before me?


11 thoughts on “Is Dungeness one of the most photographed places in the UK?

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  1. What you write is very true – some places seem imaged-out. What new can we find today about such a place? But the joy is, as your images so clearly show, that we all bring our own personal ‘eye’ to situations like this and find our own images that are distinctive. Well shot.

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