Romney Marsh Turbines

It was always an eerie place: too flat, too big, too lonely and since they built the windfarm…. with its inanimate animation, its silent whirring and its vacant omnipresence… it seems the tension has risen another few decibels.

Apologies for any poor quality and strange colour cast generated by cheap ND filters… To buy a decent one is my next Photography purchase…. I’ve decided I like the square ones that fit into a holder… Any recommendations?


The predictabiity almost incites mistrust.
War Of the Worlds… just waiting.
Big spaces… big skies
Like sentinels
The brain of the beast
Dominating everything for miles around
Gangs of them.
Too intense… looking the opposite way
The final destination of their toil.

6 thoughts on “Romney Marsh Turbines

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  1. Turbines – graceful from a distance but not so nice close up. Filters – Lee filters are the best but they are horrendously expensive. I think it is very easy to spend a lot of money buying a range of filters – I did that years ago with a bunch of Cokin filters and they were so rarely used. If I was to buy filters new today I would probably just buy one – a strong ND filter. I might then think of a Lee filter. Andy

    1. Andy… Thank you. I was thinking maybe just one full and one graduated filter. Not sure I can justify a Lee one though….. Costs nearly as much as one of the lenses I use 🙂

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