Hastings does Jack In The Green

May Bank Holiday Monday has become one of the biggest days of the year in Hastings. Revived in 1983, the Jack In The Green celebrations have become so popular, not only will the best part of the town come out in fancy dress but there will be another 5000+ visitors to the town to include spectators and participating Morris men. This number will be further swelled by the traditional visiting 20,000+ bikers who fill the slightest remaining parking space – and all the best breakfast places 🙂

As it turned out, today was drizzly and cold but, did that stop them? No, it didn’t!


The Jack is released and escorted through the streets, climbing to the West Hill where he will be slain.


Different clans will have drum offs and dance offs.


People put so much effort into their decorative costumes.


Have to have a traditional chimney sweep.


I love the extreme of either swinging a nice white hanky or a huge wooden baton.


Everyone needs a lunch break.


Lots of pagan and mythical creatures roam the streets.


And then, there are the elders.

It’s difficult not to come home with a few hundred photos. I’ve whittled them down a little. Here’s a further selection of those I couldn’t leave behind.



10 thoughts on “Hastings does Jack In The Green

  1. Great shots Maxine. Love how everyone gets involved and looks so happy to be participating. Must have been hard to select just a few for the Blog 🙂

    1. Very hard, Lee. There were some great characters that didn’t make the final selection because I’d messed up the image in some way. Although, I quite enjoy the challenge of seeing the image and getting the camera right before it has passed by.

  2. Awesome photographs! I bet it was a hard choice to pic just these few photos, but it certainly looks as if you had a great day! 🙂

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