Shoreham Quarry and Cement works

This near abandoned bastion of industry just north of Shoreham (Beeding) was constructed at the turn of the C20th (history here) on the site of a traditional lime quarry. Unfortunately, with the threat of such a hefty fine and a seemingly active security guard, we weren’t quite brave enough to breach the fences and get some interior shots which I imagine would have been just as unsettling as the architecture and decay of the dominating exterior. The South Downs, being composed predominantly of chalk, are scarred, up and down the coast, with evidence of mining – although few are as imposing as this site.

I’ve tried a different type of edit inspired by a post from Lenscaper, although for different reasons. I’m hoping desaturating this image and pushing the curves will exaggerate the lines on the buildings and suggest austerity and a lack of activity. What do you think?


Industrial and austere
You’d have to look hard to see the tiny car to get some sense of scale.
I think the kids may have had a smashing time.
Like something from the movies.
Concrete blocks remind me of the Russian legacy in Cuba.
More concrete.
And, more concrete.



6 thoughts on “Shoreham Quarry and Cement works

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  1. Your instincts have paid off exceptionally well, SIxpixx. The processing has undoubtedly added to the feeling of decay, neglect and suggested something slightly sinister here. ‘Gritty’ might be another appropriate word and I seem to recall that Topaz Adjust has a preset that is called exactly that.
    Many thanks for the link to one of my posts, very kind of you. Andy aka LensScaper

    1. You’re more that welcome for the link, Andy. Thank you for making me think about photography in a fresh way. I’m glad you’re reading what I hoped to convey in these photos 🙂

  2. Imposing structure indeed! I love the processing makes the lines very graphic which goes well with the subject matter.

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