Week 29 0f 366 Challenge

When there are lots of things pressing on your time, and the weather may have been awful and you haven’t been wandering, or the son has been home for 3 weeks demanding your attention, or…, or…, or…, producing a photo for this 366 challenge can become very consuming some days. I shall try my very best to finish the year but, would I do it again? I’m not so sure because other things I may have liked to be doing have suffered because of it – one of which is spending more time blogging other photos I may have taken.

Anyway, here’s last weeks batch:


Don’t get into town often on a Friday night nowadays. I remember it to be much more lively than this.


With Pirate’s Day coming, those pot flags need a few skull and crossbones stencils.


Pano shot across the old town.


SOOO nice, I got in the sea this week.


Experimenting with macro extension tubes…. Keep practising.


High tide and ND filters at Rock-a-Nore.


Awkward – reminded me of the TV character Frank Spencer.


15 thoughts on “Week 29 0f 366 Challenge

  1. In my first year of retirement – quite a few years ago now – with a new digital SLR – I made a new year promise that I would take a memorable image very week of that year. I managed it, just. It was a challenge but what it made me do was get out with the camera on a very regular basis and find an image. It did more to cultivate my ability to ‘see’ than I could have imagined. Stick with it, you’ll be glad you did when you look back, eventually!

  2. You’re going great, past half way already! Love the ocean shot, don’t know when I last went in the briney.

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