Please don’t feed the birds…

…unless you want to take some photos. No, seriously, these birds are becoming more and more audacious; stealing ice creams from small children and chips straight out of the hands of full grown men. In our defence (which is really no defence), we had taken our fish and chips miles out of town to a remote part of the beach.












10 thoughts on “Please don’t feed the birds…

  1. Some superb photography sixpixx, especially that shot of what one could call ‘refuelling’ – with one bird feeding another mid-air. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    1. Thank you, Lens. I wish I could say I thought they were that kind to each other but I think it was more likely a case of taking the food out of his mouth.

  2. Wonderful shots and wriggling out from under with that phrase ‘in our defence we had gone miles out of town . . . ‘ love it, Maxine.

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