Port Lympne revisited

I don’t like zoos, I don’t go to the circus, I shan’t be attending festivals involving elephants if we’re lucky enough to get to India later in the year but… I do admire the work of institutions like the Aspinall Foundation. Although the endangered animals are not in their natural environments, far from their homelands, they are at least in spacious enclosures where they are encouraged to live as ‘normal’ a life as possible. At Port Lympne the convenience and comfort of the animal comes before the importance of ‘getting a good look’ for the spectator and therefore, it is often difficult to get a clear photographic shot. I like the challenge… And, as a tiny contribution to supporting the work they do to protect these species, I have bought an annual pass and expect to revisit the park several times this year. I think it is important we all get exposure to endangered species, learn of the difficulties they are currently experiencing and are aware of their lives in the wild.

Acres for African herbivores to roam.
Black rhino can often be spotted.
Dust baths for bison.
Mud holes for water buffalo.
What do ostriches do?
The giraffes have some roaming rights.
The breeding program seems to be working.
Baby drill baboon
The apes have big inside and outside enclosures to choose from.
Foraging for seeds.
Keeping safe from the big boys.
A family unit of gibbons
A pair of old tigers who have enjoyed a far longer life than they could have hoped for in the wild.
Shy fishing cat was camouflaged amongst these rocks.



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  1. Such wonderful photos. Especially as it is a challenge when the surroundings are more natural. Well done. And I agree with you, I don’t like zoos but sometimes they do help with breeding programmes and education.

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