Week 42 of 366-2

Spent mostly in the middle of the Arabian sea on a little archipelago of islands which extend northwards from the Maldives and are an Indian territory known as the Lakshadweep Islands

(If it was week 42, there could only have been 10 weeks left of this year….? Noooo!!!!! And I’m posting this 3 weeks retrospectively so….. 7 weeks? Noo, noo, nooooooo!!! )

Anyway, the Lakshadweep Islands and then back to Fort Kochi:


Loading the baggage


Local fishing boats to transfer to islands


Throwing off the constraints of ‘civilised’ society


Economy: dried fish (and coconuts)


Back to Fort Kochi and more organised tourist commodities.


The laundry – dhobi khana – which kind of made me think of the Harry Potter house elf – Dobby.


Why does India have such lovely soft light? Hope it’s not the smog from the richshaws…. sad.


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