Last walk around the Orchard

It hasn’t been a particularly good week. After a second trip to the vets with a growth in her mouth and a heart murmur that strongly indicated she wouldn’t cope with the anaesthetic, it was recommended that we make the end easy for her.

Isn’t it ridiculous. Despite being 17 years old, she was still very fit and this was not the outcome I’d prepared myself for. The other half, being country raised and far more pragmatic, had prepared himself for this eventuality. It will be hard for him; they went everywhere together.

Little did we know this was Poppy’s last walk around the orchard – at least she got to stuff that sneaky cider apple before we could get to her. But, who will now nag me for the carrot tops? Poor Molly, not much of a doggy sleep over for you.

Sleep tight puppy dog.



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  1. So sorry to hear that sad news, losing a dog is like losing a best friend. By one of those very strange coincidences I saw a bit of a programme just the other day that included a story of a dog with a growth in its mouth. The animal had an IV cannula in a leg vein (the leg was splinted) and clearly the owners were going to huge expense with IV drugs etc in an effort to prolong the dog’s life. I understood their sentiments but I wondered whether it was fair on the dog really. These decisions are never easy. We moved from a house with an orchard just over a year ago – and the ground looked just like that under a tree or two.

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