London South Bank

Despite the cold and the catastrophe that is the British Rail network at the moment, I braved the odds and took myself off to London for the day this week.

Amazingly, the trip was an absolute success both because I got to see 3 of the 4 exhibitions I had on my list for this winter and, I didn’t have to stand, bemused and confused, on any train platforms due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. The grande finale was getting a few night shots on the way back to Charing Cross station along South Bank.

So, totally out of keeping with any of the photography I saw at the Magnum gallery, at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition or at the wonderful exhibition of Elton John’s fine, eclectic collection of photographs, here are some of my efforts of the day:

To do list – climb The Shard
St Paul’s – gone are the Mary Poppins days of grandeur – now over-shadowed with lots of modern glass structures
Photo Story: he saw, he came, he conquered.
No skaters tonight – bbrrhhhhhh!!!
Down the River Thames to Blackfriars Bridge
Twinkle to the Savoy Hotel
St Stephens town shining bright.
Competition for the London Eye
Trying to take a night shot from a suspension bridge
Charing Cross station building looking rather retro.



16 thoughts on “London South Bank

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  1. Great shots! I. Smiled at ‘British Rail’….hasn’t existed since the late 90s, as it’s now Network Rail. But I suspect you intended to say the British rail network, and good old predictive text gave you the two capital letters…😳

  2. I must get to London, but the horrors of Southern Rail are something we could all do without. I enjoyed the night photography especially that last one of Charing Cross station

    1. I love that walk back along the South Bank towards Charing Cross – something to see in all seasons. I was really lucky with the train but I too have been hearing some horror stories of people’s experiences. However, it won’t stop me going back very soon as I didn’t have time to see the Taylor Wessing exhibition.

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