Porte Lympne finale

My annual ticket ran out yesterday so I scurried over to Porte Lympne wildlife park in Kent for what might be the last time for a while. As usual, I took a couple hundred photos of which all bar 50 were dealt with by the delete button. Here are my final 10:

Paying homage to the alpha male
The Aspinall foundation have release many rhinos back into the wild
When you choose your food to match your hairdo.
A natural looking new enclosure for the meerkats
What a magnificient beast.
Through the wires of captivity
The moral dilemma of wild animals in captivity
Gibbons seem such good parents.
The grounds of Port Lympne wildlife park.
A new, huge enclosure for the tigers.

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    1. I agree Julie but it may mean the survival of some species. And, the Aspinall Foundation are very good at returning some of these species to the wild.

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