Hastings’ 1066 Zombie Walk of the Dead

A post of 12 photos.

The social calendar for Hastings continues to grow and grow, and with each event comes the opportunity to get all dressed up. Maybe preparing for the Zombie Walk is not most peoples idea of making an effort before you leave the house but it was great fun. Unfortunately, I got there too late to secure a good view of the rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. If you’d like to get involved, 1066 Walk of the Dead have a Facebook Page here.

Now that my stock sites are up and running, of which the most active is https://www.shutterstock.com/g/sixpixx , I am venturing out further. Having dipped my toe in the water of http://photo4me.com/profile/sixpixx to deal with the supply of a print to anyone that might possibly want one, I found the upload laborious and the pricing structures ambiguous – this is a shame because it is a smaller, local company and, ideally I would like to use them more. However, even at these returns, it would seem the marketing is still down to the photographer being very organised on social media sites and promoting their own portal (hello – haha) so, I had another look around. I have looked at, but eliminated Smugmug, Zenfolio and Shootproof and eventually settled on (and not because there may be unicorns) Pixieset where my first albums, including this collection of Zombies, have been posted.

A warning that some are quite graphic but, I hope you enjoy the photos:

















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