‘Dressed In Hastings’ Photography Exhibition

In partnership with another member from the local photography club, I have a very public ‘private view’ opening tomorrow evening at a local restaurant/exhibition space; it’s all very exciting and very unnerving at the same time. The photography exhibition will be on for a month until 3 Feb.

A large number of the images I shall be exhibiting are taken from the photos I have been making of the wonderful costumes worn by participants at the numerous annual festivals and parades that happen, with gusto, in Hastings – these images will be but a small collection from my ‘Dressed In Hastings’ archive. As well as others that I just don’t have on my radar, there is a rolling calendar of events in town starting with the Fat Tuesday music festival in February, May is the Jack in the Green festival and parade. In the summer, we have a Guinness Book of Records Pirate Day and Old Town Week which is a week of raucous events like the Pram Race and the family friendly Carnival and in the autumn people dress up for the Zombie event and the crazy Bonfire procession.

I am also exhibiting some other local photos and I have tried to cluster them in triplets. This is a hanging plan I put together before going to the venue and mounting the show.

I shall be back to let you know how it all goes.



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