My LRPS process with the Royal Photographic Society

This time last year I was looking for strategies to drive my photography forward and wanting a challenge, I joined the Royal Photographic Society.

Firstly, I joined because I’d seen a couple of their monthly magazines and I enjoyed the content far more than I now do of the repetitive articles in commercial magazines off the shelves of newsagents.

And, after a few months of looking at their mags and their website, it started dawning on me that I might well be ready to apply for their entry distinction which is the Licentiate.

After a little research, it wasn’t difficult to realise the importance of the overall effect of the complete panel of 10 photos is far more crucial than the quality of each individual image. It was a good challenge to discipline myself to curate my own images and see them in relation to each other. I made a final selection of 20 images for a consultation day at the Bath HQ and the advisors went through and narrowed this down to a portfolio of 10 images that would go through for accreditation.

The 10 images I presented for the advisory session were:


The extra 10 images that can be taken to advisory days were:


It was a tough call. Many of the photos from these two collections were far from my favourites but they were all technically accurate (in focus, no blown highlights or lost blacks, no colour casts, etc…) and they could be interchanged whilst maintaining balance and aestheticism in the panel.

After some uummminggg and ahhing, and a tense few moments where I thought the advisors might turn to me and say there were not suitable images to make a balanced panel, they finally agreed, with a proviso to up the contrast in image 1 and lighten the darks in the corners of image 6, on a selection to go forward for Licentiate:

I went back to Bath in November (combined with a visit to one of my sons in Bristol) and presented this selection that went through, after a token discussion from the judging panel, and was retained, with permission, at HQ for possible presentation as a sample panel.

I came away very happy. And, now, I can, if I choose, use the LRPS distinction and the Royal Photographic Society logo on stationery and in digital spaces.





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