‘Wow, look at that!” “Damn, look at that!” “Sigh, look at that” “Ha, ha, ha, look at that”

Despite having a background in language, being an avid reader, speaking a second language quite fluently and, more poignantly, teaching English in a secondary school, it is images that rock my world. What’s in them, what’s been left out, how they’ve been framed, the focal point, the editing process… And, more effectively, the initial, instant impact which, no matter how well composed, a book blurb can’t replicate. How often have I wasted precious time starting a new book to realise, after 15 minutes, that I’m not really going to engage with it – and then feel compelled to keep going because I might be being unfair and I should give it a chance.

Not so with images, often a very quick glance is enough to know if I am going to engage with the subject, the genre or/and the techniques. Now, like learning to use the language of words, I want to learn the language of photos and how to manipulate the techniques so I can capture my view of the world around me and tell my stories.

And this blog will be one of those stories; a narrative of one persons journey, not only through life but also, a journey through learning. To create that sense of structure, I have started the early posts with some photos of my childhood years and I’m not saying there won’t be some flashbacks – I have yet to cover the most emotional and powerful event in my story which was, and is, motherhood – but I hope it will mostly be a journey of learning and  understanding how to visually represent those moments, those people, those places that make me go ‘Wow!”, “Damn!”, “Sigh” or “Ha, ha, ha”

Feel free to join me if you wish.



I’ve decided I’d like to take my photography to the next level – the level just above point and click and, I’ve decided to do it publicly. So, here goes…


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog it’s much appreciated. I shall look forward to following your journey to the next level!
    Kind Regards

  2. Wow! damn! sigh! Etc etc…. The second frequently said when I have been driving and there’s no way to get the shot… Keep being inspired and having fun

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