Volunteering for St Michael’s Hospice.

As a family, we owe this incredible local hospice charity so much for ensuring my parents' end of life care was as warm, caring and carefree an experience one can ever hope for; volunteering to photograph any promotional activities and events for St Michael's Hospice is always a pleasure. These photos are from their Christmas on the Coast... Continue Reading →

A Month in a Tent in Cornwall

We spent last month camping in Cornwall. The weather was outstanding and we both agreed we could live like that forever if the weather would only comply. Here are the photos - rather a lot but I need to post them now whilst I have this blog site open.

A long weekend in Dorset, England

A post of 34 photos. The Purbeck railway line transports the nostalgic voyager along the 12mile track through English countryside and past the magnificent Corfe Castle sitting high on its hill above its quaint village to the seaside town of Swanage. There, we took a tall ship out along the coast to witness, from the sea, Harry Rock... Continue Reading →

The Phallus and The Kraken

Today, we were noticed. The ‘money’ men arrived in town.   Those (wo)men who relish rising, in the guise of regeneration for the good of humanity, to the challenge of raising £500m of tax payers money to finance their latest scheme - those who exhibit megalomaniac egoistical behaviours in feeling compelled to grow their wealth... Continue Reading →

Wildflowers on Winchelsea Beach

Every summer, these wildflowers astound me with their ability to exist on.... nothing. Where do they get their nutrients from? All these photos were taken within a 1km stroll along the pebbles at Winchelsea Beach and the wildlife around them (butterflies, moths, bees...) was abundant.  

Whitstable Bay

It's always interesting to go to Whitstable for the day. Not only because the seafood lunches are fabulous but also because the north facing coast is enjoyably disorientating, putting a different view on the sunset. And, my oh my, have the sunsets been glorious this autumn.    

We left the house under a glorious autumnal sun and by the time we'd got to the harbour in the Cinque Ports town of Rye (20 mins up the coast) already the clouds had started gathering.      

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