Vypin Island, Kerala, India

And I am so terribly behind with posting. Not that I'm complaining after having spent a month in India for which I feel privileged, dumbfounded, enlightened, heartbroken, joyous, humbled, confused, enriched.... I defy anyone to come away from India and feel they have an understanding of how they feel about that place and its people. Our trip... Continue Reading →

Beach life at Bulverhythe

I suppose one would have to know a little of the history of British seaside towns, and specifically St Leonards, to fully understand the bedlam of Bulverhythe. The Victorians, with their increased wealth and free time, raised the profile of the seaside and, during that period of social revolution, Decimus Burton raised the profile of St Leonards... Continue Reading →

MMC Filters

Do I need a Lee Big Stopper? I'd like to have seen some of these with a longer exposure. Getting that balanced, minimalist look is not as easy as it seems. For some lovely examples of monochrome imagery, see Leanne's weekly challenge here

Stormy Bexhill – Nearly forgotten

I grabbed these shots of a storm rolling onto Bexhill beach back in June - can't believe I forgot all about them. Excuse, again, the inconsistency in the processing - it's where each image takes me - and, fickle friends they are, each direction is not always the best - LOL

Nik Efex

I downloaded it, as I'm sure many of you did. Then, I avoided it, as I'm sure some of you might have. Now, if I am to make the most of what seems to be some powerful filters, I'm sure I shall have to go through the process of over-using and abusing it before I find some... Continue Reading →

Beach groynes at sunset

When the tide's not out, it's not always as easy to pull a few pictures from the beach. This poor groyne had to suffer being the focus of all my attention for a short while the other evening as the sun sank behind me. The first image was the debut of my return to Leanne... Continue Reading →

Tourism at Cuckmere Haven Valley

It was quite a surprise, when we took the dog over to the Cuckmere Haven Valley here in East Sussex, to see it must have joined the list of 'must see' places for international summer visitors since we last visited. Well, it's not really surprising: the oxbow lakes and the river winding its way down to the sea... Continue Reading →

Please don’t feed the birds…

...unless you want to take some photos. No, seriously, these birds are becoming more and more audacious; stealing ice creams from small children and chips straight out of the hands of full grown men. In our defence (which is really no defence), we had taken our fish and chips miles out of town to a... Continue Reading →

Fishing boat paraphernalia

It seems like ages since I was last on the fishing beach at Hastings. So, today I took a walk with a 50mm prime lens to see what fishing boat paraphernalia I could find. Hope you like them.

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