Where the dogs lay

It’s been a while. I shall make no more apologies, suffice to say I’m struggling to get here regularly at the moment. However, because Lightroom Mobile has made it virtually instantaneous, I am dropping something into Instagram on a regular basis: https://www.instagram.com/sixpixx/  which, for the most part, will eventually make its way to this site.

Some of today’s photos won’t make it to Instagram – they’re too personal. Whoa, how did I make that decision: is my blog a more intimate space than my Insta account? And even, why would I want to put something quite personal into the public domain on any platform? Strange and interesting but I don’t have the answer.

Anyway, spring has arrived, even if temporarily, and we’ve been brave today and faced something that needed doing. Today, Poppy got delivered to her final resting place with strict instructions not to antagonise other family dogs (Loulou and Smiler (Emma)) who already rest there. It’s a good spot, especially in the spring when the wood anemones become bluebells and the fox cubs play amongst the pine and oak tree trunks in the evenings. They were always countryside dogs and it’s nice to think of them there.

Down the wood
Under the oak


Looking up through the pines
Amongst the anemones and with the promise of bluebells
She’ll sleep with those who went before
And by the way – it used to be a hop farm
Where folk would come from the towns and cities
And spend their summers living in Hopper’s huts.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

This week, the challenge from the inventive WordPress, Daily Post is ‘On top’. We can take the title literally or metaphorically so, as I have committed myself to six images per post, here is a mixture of both.

Literally, this young seagull is ‘on top’ of the rigging on this fishing boat; no doubt looking for his next easy meal.


This proud dad must be feeling ‘on top’ of the world as he tentatively watches his wife settle ‘on top’ of their eggs.


Watching this air-sea rescue helicopter, it seemed as if they were ‘on top’ of the situation.


Looking at this litter ‘on top’ of the water in the harbour left me feeling ‘bottomed out’ about some people’s attitudes to their environment.


By the time we’d climbed to the top of Korfe castle, we felt ‘on top’ of the world (apologies for the terrible clichés).


And, saving the best until last, heading west this week, we stopped off in Bournemouth to drag #2 son away from his studies for a couple of hours to buy him breakfast.

  • I felt ‘on top’ to see him and know that he is happy and thriving.
  • Furthermore, I took this photo with an old 1970s Zenit 11 that I purchased at a boot fair on Saturday for a tenner and was ‘on top’ when I got the disc back from the developers to discover that the camera worked – or more impressively, as the camera has no light meter, to discover that I had correctly exposed all the photos… Next time, I’ll try and focus on my subject too.
  • And finally, as I had snapped the film roll when rewinding it (because I did it wrong), I was ‘on top’ to learn that the developers could still extract it from the camera.




2011 Doing The De La Warr With #1 Son

Although I sometimes think it would have been nice to have a mathematician in the family, I am rather pleased that both my boys have gone down the Arts route, Although it’s very unlikely they will make their fortunes, I hope they will have a fulfilling life. And furthermore, it’s nice to have kids who are still happy to come out and play sometimes. 042b 075c 136b 151b 166b 221b