Weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge – Boat back to Split

Having prepared a post, and written an email last week…. I eventually realised, when I found the email still in my draft box, I hadn’t actually sent it and as Leanne, despite her many skills is not psychic, I missed out being at the party. Here’s hoping – after struggling for an entry for this week until I remembered these shots I took whilst returning home at the end of a beautiful day touring some Croatian islands on a speed boat – that I get there this week.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is another tricky one. What is humanity? If you asked one hundred people to define humanity, I wonder if you would get one hundred answers.

At the Eastbourne Steampunk Festival, it was lovely to see all ages come together to enjoy the creativity of the costumes, the music, the artwork et al.

New Places – First Times

Waking to a bright, sunny autumnal morning earlier this week, I thought I might challenge myself and take myself off to a new, different type of place to photograph. Just up the road from us is a beautiful little church, nestled in the woods – hence the name ‘Church in the Wood’ – and it would be the first time I had tried to capture a graveyard. Maybe a little macabre for some but, although not being religious, I do find them serene. And, a good chat with the 87 year old gardener (wish I’d got a shot of him) and the sexton who tried to tice me into Christianity with bacon butties rounded off the morning nicely.

I tried editing these images but whatever I did, I couldn’t seem to make them look better – maybe my crush on Photoshop is gradually waning. These are as they came out of the camera. Now that I’ve photographed it once, I need to go back soon and take the photos I wish I’d taken. Here are six (or seven) of what I got this week. I hope you enjoy the serenity of them.


Is ‘Meltdown’ an adventure?

This weeks Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is adventure. It happens to coincide with something engaging I saw on Saturday. The Coastal Currents arts festival has been kicking off this week and on Saturday we caught a 10-15 minute performance/installation/sculpture in the park. Melt Down, choreographed by Rosemary Lee surely must be an emotional and intellectual adventure for performer and audience alike. An enforced 10 minute meditation and attempted interpretation of watching these men melt into the grass encourages a mental adventure through all the potential possibilities of what it could (or not) all mean.